How To Draw Eyebrows In 4 Steps! It’s Really Simple We Promise!

How to draw eyebrows without fuss? We’ve got you covered in super easy steps!
For most part of a makeup routine, how to draw eyebrows is a thing to worry about especially if you’re not the ‘expert’ just yet but then that’s why you have your Lifestyle News girlfriend; US! We are loving on you right back.

We can’t deny that the brows determine largely what the final makeup would look like, if you nail your eyebrows then you’re on your way to a perfect face beat in most cases. As much as possible, brows should look natural, framing the eyes and defining the face effortlessly. To get picture perfect ones, tame them often by tweezing, threading, waxing or trimming with razor blades which is the most important step to get the brows ready to be sculpted or filled for picture perfect brows.

After you’ve done the above, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Starting from under, gently fill in sparse areas of the brows with short light strokes – make sure to start from the arch as you don’t want to create boxy brows!
  • Go in over as in 1 above, gently filling in sparse areas. Make sure to brush with a spoolie to even out harsh lines.
  • Fill in the brows lightly and neaten under (and over if you want) with concealer for definition.
  • Continue with the rest of your makeup as per usual.